Gemeente Tourism Diksmuide

Viconia Clay pitts and other gems

The Viconia Clay Pitts in Stuivekenskerke (just outside the city centre) are best known for their wide variety of birds. There are seven very different ponds, wet and embossed hayfields and meadows, hedges and a swamp forest. Those elements make for a big variety of biotopes on a relatively small surface. Moreover, the Nature Reserve is situated along the river Yser and watery areas such as the Yser estuary, the Handzame Valley and the Yser wetlands.

The “Komgronden” in Lampernisse is literally a quiet area within an authentic open meadow landscape. The “Hoge Kam” between Woumen and Esen is the highest ridge of Diksmuide with a height of 37 meters and stunning views.

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