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The Viconaia kleiputten (clay pits)

Viconia Clay Pits

The Viconia kleiputten (clay pits) in Stuivekenskerke are especially famous for their great wealth of birds. The seven very different ponds, the wet and highly rugged hayfields and pastures, the hedges and the small marsh forest make for a wide variety of biotopes. In the nature reserve, no less than 195 bird species have been detected so far, including many water birds and waders, reed warblers and bearded reedlings.

The Handzamevallei (Handzame valley) between Esen and Vladslo, the Komgronden of Lampernisse, the Waeleweiden (meadows) near Keiem, the polder plains near Pervijze and Leke, the Hoge Kam in Esen and the Praetbos (forest) near Vladslo are also gems in the Diksmuide countryside. All of these regions can be explored individually by hiking along signposted trails.

We urge all holidaymakers, cyclists and hikers to keep the much-need peace.