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Museum at the Yser (Ijzer Tower)

Yser tower

At a 5 minutes walk from the Market Place you'll find the Pax-tower, the Crypt and the Ysertower. All together they form the European Peace domain. In this museum (22 floors) you get an idea how life was during the First War. Smell the chloral-and mustard gas, feel the fear of soliers in the Trenches of Death. At a height of 84 metres you have a magnificient view over Diksmuide and the enrite Westhoek region.


Individual fee :
Adults:             € 8 
7-18 years:      € 2,5 
18-25 years:    € 5
- 7 years:         free

Groupfee (+20 persons):
Adults:            € 6 
-18 years:       € 2,5


Groups en School can visit the Yser Tower with a guide.

Price for a guide: 60 euro

Duration of the guided tour: 2 hours

With a maximum of 30 persons/guide


Combination Yser Tower and Trench of Death with guide= 90 euro - duration 3 hours

More info

Address: IJzerdijk 49, 8600 Diksmuide

+32 (0)51 50 02 86