Gemeente Tourism Diksmuide

Cycling routes for the whole family

With Jaek & Nink to Nature Reserve The Blankaart (22.9 km)

This route starts on the Market Square of Diksmuide (Dixmude). It’s the perfect trip for a nice day out in and around the Nature Reserve The Blankaart. Enjoy a nice ice-cream or some strawberries at one of the farms along the route. Take a stroll around the Nature Reserve to appreciate its beauty.

With Jaek & Nink on an Adventure along the Yser (22.1 km)

This route has two starting points: the Tourist Office of Diksmuide (Market Square) or Robert Orlentpromenade in Nieuwpoort (at the coast). The whole route might be a bit long for the smallest ones, but you can divide it in two parts. The route around Dixmude is 22.1 km long.

You can also take the boat from Nieuwpoort to Dixmude (or the other way round) and complete the rest of the route by bicycle. Along the route you can spot birds, sea lions or stop at a local farm for some tasty local products.

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