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Family friendly bicycle routes

There are six free cycling routes in the Westhoek which are especially made for children. Two animated figures, “Jaek and Nink” (this means “Yes and No” in the West-Flemish dialect), take you on a little trip to explore the region. Two of those cycling routes start in Diksmuide.

The first one is “With Jaek and Nink to nature reserve The Blankaart”. This route (22,9 km) starts on the Market Square of Diksmuide and takes you straight to the beautiful nature reserve “The Blankaart”. You can stop at a local farm to enjoy an ice cream, some strawberries or just relax at a sunny terrace.

The second route is “With Jaek and Nink on an adventure along the Yser”. This route exists of two separate tracks, one of 22.1 km and another of 28.9 km. You can either start in Diksmuide or in Nieuwpoort. There is the option to put your bike on the boat and sail from Nieuwpoort to Diksmuide and then return by bike (or the other way around). You can spot birds and seals from a shelter or stop at a farm for a taste of local products.

Besides these two, there are four other routes in the region, which you can get for free at the Tourist Office of Diksmuide.


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