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IJzerboomgaard (Yser orchard)

You can't miss a visit to the IJzerboomgaard (Yser orchard) when visiting Diksmuide. This new green domain is situated next to the Yser Tower, about 1 km from the Market Square.

Have a picknick in the orchard full of native fruit or in another lovely spot along the paths. Let the children have fun in the play zone with the wooden elements above the water. A bit further in the domain, you'll find a farm. That's where the "Land of Vlierbos" begins. There's a picking garden, a 'samentuin' - a garden where you can grow ecological vegetables together with other people, an animal farm and cafeteria De IJzerboomgaard.

A reservation is only required if you want to visit with a larger group.



Provincial Domain IJzerboomgaard

IJzerdijk 418600Kaaskerke
+32 50 40 32 56

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